It’s Maryland Wine Week (Special Attn: Teachers!)

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Maryland Wine Week

catch of the day fish (2)No, we’re not just calling for teachers’ special attention because they could all surely use a drink right about now. We’re spreading the word because it’s Maryland Wine Week, and one feature of that (out of many) are Teacher Appreciation Days at some local wineries. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s Father’s Day, too. We know. And of course there are plenty of local wine events geared toward honoring dad. But come on! We gotta give it up for the teachers, too. Looking for other specialized wine affairs? There’s Women & Wine night, movie nights, pets with disabilities night (yes, really), and more. And with the wealth of Maryland wineries—each with its own personality and specialty, surely there is at least one event tailored just for you. For example, we’ll be first in line at the Yard Sale and Wine event, and we’ll be incognito at the Grateful Dead tribute show.

There are so many great wineries here in Maryland, and they’re scattered all over the state. And if the weather ever happens to stabilize, we heartily recommend heading out to one (or an entire wine trail) for a day trip, or for one of these special wine week events. If you are in fact a teacher looking to cash in on that school system ID, head over to Running Hare Vineyard any time through the weekend for a free  tasting, and a discount on anything you buy by the bottle. That shouldn’t stop you from also visiting Legends Vineyard tomorrow, where teachers (and school employees) receive a free tasting of all seven of the vineyard’s offerings, which you can enjoy alongside live music as you sit back and welcome the summer vacation. Oh, and you can bring a bottle back for dad, too.

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