It’s National Beer Day!

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catch of the day fish (2)Just when you thought the spring holiday push was over, turns out it’s National Beer Day. Alas. And while you probably don’t need to order anyone flowers or write out any cards, it wouldn’t be proper to just let the day go by without any ceremony at all, would it? Luckily, Baltimore is a perfectly easy place to celebrate (and imbibe) beer of all kinds. Whether you’re going for a fine craft microbrew, or our beloved (or at least ubiquitous) Natty Boh, this city has you covered. So tonight make sure to stop by your local brewery (or liquor store) on your way home and pick up just enough to crack open to mark this important day.

With warm weather finally here, we’re all about the beer cocktails. That is, shandies (half beer, half orange juice) or radlers (a German concoction of beer and soda or beer and lemonade). Both are delightfully light, just a little sweet, and of course contain less alcohol than a full pint of beer. So they’re perfect for a weeknight way to kickback. For a shandy or a radler with local flair, try Heavy Seas’ Small Craft Warning Uber Pils or their Cutlass Amber Lager. The Brewer’s Art’s Charm City Sour Cherry is only available for a few weeks in the early spring (aka now) and is well worth drinking on its own. For a Brewer’s Art shandy, try the Eutaw Street Reserve for a drink that will pack a punch. Happy National Beer Day, everyone.

National Beer Day is today, April 7th.

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