It’s National Popcorn Month!!! (…almost)

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catch of the day fish (2)October is known for many things—fall leaves, pumpkins, candy, candy, candy, and caramel apples. But it’s also National Popcorn month, didn’t you know? Popcorn—that most underrated of snacks, in our estimation—finally gets its due. A whole month when we are mandated to consume this perfect munchable. And lucky for us, it comes in sweet and savory (pre-popped) forms from local popcorn-mongers, Popsations, who are also rolling out a special flavor just for the occasion.

If you’re not completely sold on National Popcorn Month yet (and you’ve still got a few days to get ready) a few minutes of perusing the options at Popsations will likely get your mouth watering. Not only do these folks do classics like cheddar and caramel—they combine the two! Did we just blow your mind? And for those just looking for a quick-fix purely decadent treat? You can get that caramel popcorn drizzled with white, milk, or dark chocolate. This stuff is perfect for gifts, parties, or (let’s be honest) just eating all by yourself by the double handful. In fact, popcorn for dinner? We’re all about it. And while the poppers  won’t say what this soon-to-be-announced new flavor is going to be, we know it’s targeted specifically to us Marylanders. And it’s probably not Berger cookie flavored, so…

October is National Popcorn Month. For more information on Popsations and their new flavor, visit

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