It’s the Grand Prix! And Yes, We’re Telling You to Go

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Grand Prix

catch of the day fish (2)Let’s just get this out of the way: haters gonna hate. Or, in other words, if you’re already anti-Grand Prix, it’s unlikely at this late stage that we can change your mind. But if you do find yourself even just a little bit curious, or at least open minded about the “celebration of acceleration,” we heartily encourage you to don your most-appropriate-for-watching-a-car-race attire and to head downtown to check it out. Yes, the Grand Prix causes all sorts of traffic and parking problems, and yes, it’s loud, and yes, it is all about really fast cars and the fact that the drivers might die, and not much else. But if you’ve never seen car racing live, well—let’s just say that so many millions of NASCAR fans can’t be wrong.   

Maybe you think of yourself as someone who is particularly cultured. Or as someone with impeccable taste. Someone who appreciates the finer things. Sure, that’s alright. And usually, we do too. But when a low-riding car zooms by you at 180mph, on a street where on any other day people are walking to work or stopping at red lights—well, the adrenalin surges. And then when you realize that that car is driven by an actual live human being—even the most safety-oriented among us can’t help but feel a twinge of “maybe I could do that…” Not that we’re recommending trying this at home, or on the highway, or anywhere else for that matter. Certainly not. But if you are in fact looking for just a tiny taste of adventure—witnessing the Grand Prix is undeniably a pretty good start.

The Grand Prix takes place this weekend around the Inner Harbor. For more information and tickets, visit

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  1. Obnoxious, gas-guzzling, environment-polluting, noise-creating, testosterone-fueled garbage.

    No, many of us don’t think “maybe I could do that . . . .” Rather, “How much money is going into this boondoggle that could otherwise be going into services for our citizens — you know, crazy, pie-in-the-sky things like feeding people, housing them, providing health care, stuff like that?”

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