January Sale at Lime Blossom Boutique

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Lime Blossom

catch of the day fish (2)You may not believe it, but spring will be here sooner than you know it. And as we all know, new seasons bring new wardrobes (if you’re doing it right). And after a long, cold winter of feeling like all anyone sees of you is your coat, your boots, and that same hat you’ve been wearing since your aunt crocheted it for you who-knows-how-long-ago, you’re probably already starting to get the springtime shopping itch. If you just can’t wait (and why should you?) you might consider swinging by Lime Blossom Boutique—the super cute shop that opened this past year. Plus, their month-long sale does a lot to justify getting a jump on spring shopping.

Lime Blossom’s stated purpose is to serve women who “want to look and feel fabulous…without breaking the bank!” Um, yeah. We can relate to that. The shop tends toward the trendy, but with a fun, urban edge—lots of great colors and prints here, and a selection of fun and funky shoes and accessories to go with them. And to bring in the new year (and new inventory) they’re even offering 30% off of the entire store (yes, the entire store) for the whole month of January as a way to get even more fabulous stuff into your hands, and onto the streets of Baltimore. Now there’s a public service.

Lime Blossom Boutique is located at 1716 Fleet Street in Baltimore. For more information, visit www.limeblossomboutique.com.


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