Jay Wilds: Sarah Koenig ‘Created an Evil Archetype of Me’

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Jay Wilds Speaks Out

In the third and final installment of The Intercept’s interview with Jay Wilds, key witness in the murder trial of Adnan Syed, he describes his life post-Serial. And it doesn’t sound great — people videotaping his home, the posting of his personal information on the Internet, threats to confront him, loss of employment. While a lot of that seems directly traceable to the online forum Reddit, Wilds mostly blames Serial.

“I feel like [Serial producer Sarah Koenig] created an evil archetype of me and sensationalized my motives,” Wilds said. “It helped fan the flames of this story that people had already moved on from.”

And despite Koenig’s staunch denial — and its basic implausibility — Wilds believes that Koenig herself may have been leaking his personal information to Reddit.

“My wife had told me [that she thought] either Sarah or one of the producers was talking to a moderator on Reddit, and I felt that either Sarah or Rabia Chaudry [an advocate for Syed] were giving confidential information to Reddit,” Wilds said. “I asked her if that’s true. Then she replied. She said, ‘No,’ but I didn’t believe her. I did not think she was being honest with me.”

Wilds goes on to describe how he lost his construction job without explanation after the podcast “really started to blow up on the Internet.” He said all the unwanted attention has left his wife scared, and the two no longer let their children walk themselves to school.

For the full, three-part interview, click here.

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