JG Sassy Fashion Show at Jewels

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JG Sassy fashion show in Baltimore

It’s just so cool when things that are made locally are actually cool. Does that sentence make us sound about as articulate as an adolescent girl trying to display her uber-sophisticated taste to her way-past-acne-phase crush? Maybe. But sometimes that’s just how you feel. It’s certainly how we felt upon learning about the new JG Sassy line being carried at Kearney Dietrich’s fabulous boutique, Jewels.  JG Sassy is locally owned and made (hurrah for being able to get behind a line of clothing not made in sweatshops or overseas), and the line has its runway debut this Thursday (that’s tomorrow) at Jewels.

JG Sassy focuses on pieces that are “classic with a smack of attitude.” That is, they’re easy to wear, but still make you feel like you’re stepping out with a little extra flair. The event comes complete with live music and a fun after-party. Originally scheduled for November 1st, but postponed because of Superstorm You-Know-Who, there’s now no excuse to miss this local fashion line on the catwalk.  After all, now that election season is over, we can finally get back to the very important business of stocking up on fall and winter fashions– thank goodness.

The JG Sassy fashion show takes place Thursday, November 8th at Jewels. The boutique is located at 1515 La Belle Ave in Ruxton. Doors open at 7pm, show begins promptly at 7:30.

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