John Oliver Reads The Helmand’s Yelp Reviews on Nat’l TV

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John Oliver Reads Helmand's Bad Yelp Reviews on TelevisionIn the middle of a bit on HBO’s Last Week Tonight about Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s America-dissing farewell address, John Oliver fired back. He noted that the former president’s brother Qayum Karzai “owns a restaurant in Baltimore” and proceeded to read negative Yelp reviews of Mt. Vernon’s beloved Helmand.

It’s not one of the clips the show posted to its YouTube channel, but if you or a friend has HBO Go be sure to check out Sunday’s episode for the surreal experience of watching Baltimore’s culinary scene being dragged into high-stakes international politics.

Also, what the heck were these negative reviewers thinking? The Helmand rules.

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  1. Hey, it gives the Helmand more publicity. And makes the Yelpers, not Oliver, look like twerps. It’s all good.

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