Johnny’s Ice Cream Cart is Open!

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Johnnys Ice Cream Cart

catch of the day fish (2)Summer—as far as we’re concerned—is ice cream season. There are those who enjoy scoops and cones year round, but for us, ice cream was clearly meant to be enjoyed on hot days only—preferably outside, in the sun, sitting on a bench or the grass. And we’re sure if we took a poll of local schoolchildren, they’d agree. They, like us, would also probably be grateful to anyone who’s still peddling homemade ice cream and keeping it real with classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and their other traditional-flavor brethren. Where to go for such a thing? Well, as of a few days ago, the Johnny’s ice cream cart is open, and will be every sunny day this summer. Here’s hoping there are lots of them.

By now, most curious foodies around town have stopped by Johnny’s Downstairs to experience the newish restaurant from Foreman Wolf. But even newer is the ice cream cart. Stationed nearby, the cart serves six homemade flavors each day (they rotate daily). As we mentioned, you can expect classic staples, as well as more adventurous or seasonal offerings (Rhubarb Swirl , anyone?). And at just $2 per scoop, you may find yourself indulging in more than one flavor at once. Throw in some of the complimentary caramel or chocolate sauce they’ve got on hand, and who needs dinner? Or lunch? Or breakfast?

Johnny’s Ice Cream Cart is open every sunny day during the summer from 3pm until sundown. The cart sits outside of Johnny’s Downstairs at 4800 Roland Avenue in Baltimore.

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