Johns Hopkins Bomb Threat Suspect Was Dared to Place Call, Police Say

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Photo via JHU Hub

Police made an arrest in yesterday’s bomb threat at Johns Hopkins.

The bomb threat came in on Thursday morning. Nothing was found, but it forced an evacuation during exams. According to a BPD statement, detectives traced the call to a phone that was reported stolen.

A female student reported her phone stolen from a campus library. She left her phone on the desk and used the restroom. When she came back, it was gone. Reviewing surveillance footage, police said Advaith Baimeedi, 19, was responsible for taking the phone. It was found in the bushes near the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Police say Advaith placed the call on a dare.

He was charged with making a bomb threat, theft, false statement, threat of mass violence, arson and phone misuse.

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