Get ready to FlipIt (flip your food norms) this year at Baltimore’s premier celebration of culture and veganism, Vegan SoulFest.  Presented by the Better Food Foundation and Visit Maryland, Vegan SoulFest is so much more than a festival.  It’s a two-day vegan food and music festival in Baltimore that’s bringing together individuals from around the world to celebrate delicious plant-based food, amazing music, a soulfully diverse community, and the impact to empower health-conscious and health-curious individuals to become better versions of themselves. Join the delicious fun from Saturday, August 19 – Sunday, August 20 at the Baltimore Peninsula in West Covington Park/ South Point. 

In addition to vegan and veg-friendly food and market vendors from local establishments like Hue Cafe and Apothecary, Cajou Creamery, Black Baltimore Vegan, and more, Vegan SoulFest will feature a special activation by the Better Food Foundation’s new FlipIt campaign with plans to highlight people that are flipping food norms in their community, plant-based cooking demonstrations, expert talks, premium experiences curated by The Land of Kush and Plant Bliss, and live music performances from Dwele, Jade Novah, Grey and local artists Ray Winder, Brandon Woody, and more.  Come prepared to be entertained, gain some vegan soul knowledge, and get your grub and two-step on!

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Sponsors include: Black Veg Society, Afro-Vegan Society, A Well-Fed World, The Land of Kush, Cllctivly, Vegan Grants, The Peoples Fund, and MAG Partners.

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