June Workshops at the Creative Alliance

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CA June

catch of the day fish (2)Summer is almost upon us. And though adults don’t get the kind of three month summer vacay that kids do, summer does tend to bring with it at least a vacationy feeling. It’s a time to dig into projects, try something new, and try to at least tap into that youthful self-improvement drive. Whether it’s planting a garden, taking up a musical instrument, or working on your backstroke, summer is a great time to get into something new and potentially fruitful. All this is made even easier by the plentiful workshops being offered by the (air conditioned) Creative Alliance next month. We’re letting you know now since there’s a good chance these will fill up and sell out. And many of them are events you just don’t want to miss.

The Creative Alliance always hosts a variety of weekly activities—including life drawing classes and screenwriters meet ups. But this month there will also be some great one-time-only workshops such as beginning banjo, designer cake decorating (a Baltimore favorite since Charm City Cakes went network TV), and even a workshop about making your own bitters, taught by Woodberry Kitchen’s mixologist Connor Rasmussen. Some workshops are only for a few hours (learn the banjo in an afternoon!) while others take place over the course of a couple weekends. We dare you to take as many as you’ve got time for—why not become a master banjo-playing-mixologist-who-decorates-cakes-while-riding-a-customized-biycycle? After all, it’s summer. What else do you have to do?

For more information about the June workshops at the Creative Alliance, visit www.creativealliance.org.

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