Justin Sirois’s ‘So Say the Waiters’ to Be Developed as a TV Series

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Justin Sirois, author of So Say the Waiters
Justin Sirois. Photo via sosaythewaiters.com

Justin Sirois’s self-published novel series So Say the Waiters, about a fictional app that allows users to order their own kidnappings, made a big splash upon the release of Book 1 in 2012. Its fast pace, well-drawn characters, and irresistible premise won praise from apparently every outlet that got their hands on a review copy.

Baltimore magazine called So Say the Waiters “pulp fiction at its best.” The Baltimore Chop compared it favorably to Repo Man. Actor and author Ken Baumann likened the book to “a high-dollar TV series.”

That last remark has proved prophetic. So Say the Waiters is currently in development as a television series! Feast your eyes on the — mostly blank if you’re not a “pro” member — page at the Internet Movie Database. IMDb marks it for a 2015 debut.

I asked Sirois for the low-down, and here’s what he gave me:

“Right now the producers are getting the budget and casting together for the pilot. We’re hoping to keep the filming local, in Baltimore, which would be true to the story and characters. I’d be a little sad to see it filmed in a different city, but tax incentives and budgeting will dictate where the project lands.”

Sirois said the executive producer for the series will be Jeffrey Pratt Gordon, a Baltimore native who worked on The Wire. “I’ve got a lot of faith in Jeff,” Sirois said. “He’s invested in the project in a way that few people would be.”

Congratulations, Justin!

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