Kid Rock Likes Ben Carson

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Kid Rock
Kid Rock performing at a USO concert at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Kid Rock told New York Times Magazine that endorsing a presidential candidate in 2016 is “not on [his] list of things to do,” but he’s “very interested in the things that Ben Carson has to say.”

Rock may also like that the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon was born and raised in Detroit, where Rock himself is from. In 2012, the rap-rock-country crossover artist endorsed fellow Michigander Mitt Romney, who used Rock’s “Born Free” as a theme song.

The folks at the Daily Caller thought it would be fun to imagine Carson using another Kid Rock song, “American Bad Ass,” as his walk-up music. And boy is it:

Kid Rock said he considers himself fiscally Republican, but wishes the party would get over social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. So he it’s probably not Caron’s “bestiality” and “poisoned wedding cake” comments that he’s most “interested in.”

UPDATE: The official music video for Kid Rock’s 2010 song “You Never Met a Motherf—– Quite Like Me” features a parody newspaper clipping with the headline “Rock successfully separates Siamese twins in 16 hour operation.” Carson, as I’m sure you all remember, performed the first successful separation of twins conjoined at the head back in 1987. Spooky coincidence, huh? I’ll let you all know if I dig up any more dirt.

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