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Kinderhook Snacks in Baltimore

One of the truest aphorisms is the old, “it takes all kinds.” So many different kinds of people are needed to keep this world running. We need people who can build, people who can teach, and people who can plan. We need people with extraordinary patience, and people who simply spring into action. We need people who are dedicated to local roots and people who reach out and explore new territories. What we maybe didn’t realize—until now—is that we also need people who are dedicated (I mean dedicated) to the art of snacking. Kinderhook Snacks is a company,  “committed to sharing our love of food by crafting wholesome, delicious snacks and building a lively snacking community.” A lively snacking community? One that extends beyond my own kitchen counter and sofa? One that includes other people? Just tell me where to sign!

Of course, you don’t have to sign anything to join the many appreciators of Baltimore’s own Kinderhook Snacks. All you’ve got to do is somehow locate said snacks and start munching. Though you will also have to decide on a snack, which is harder than it sounds; how does a person choose between Bacon Popcorn and Sesame Shortbread Sandwich Cookies? Or Whiskey Blondies and Romesmary Candied Walnuts? Plus, when all of the items are made with primarily organic ingredients from local farms, the decision-making just gets harder. Our recommendation? Stock up on a variety and put them out for holiday guests…then make sure you get to taste all of them.

Kinderhook Snacks are available at Milk & Honey Market, Green Onion Market and more. Visit for more information.

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