La Colombe Is Looking to Open a Baltimore Location

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La Colombe
La Colombe in Philadelphia.

La Colombe, the Philaelphia-based coffee roaster and retailer that manages to be both super chic and no-nonense, is planning to open a Baltimore location as part of $28.5 million expansion that will include 100 new cafes.

Washington, D.C., got their La Colombe location a few months ago, and if you can still trust Yelp reviews, the people are pretty psyched about it.

The cafe offers a minimalist vibe with no “merchandising and clutter of CDs, coffee mugs, home coffee machines and lunch foods…that distract from the coffee experience” and touts its ethical and earth-conscious practices. Hemp milk is the dairy-free creamer option, and decaf drinks come with a surcharge.

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