Larriland Farms Now Open for Pick Your Own

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 Larriland Farms

catch of the day fish (2)The only thing better than getting your produce fresh from the farmer’s market or a CSA pickup is, well, picking it out of the ground yourself. But not many of us have the acreage (or time, or know-how) to grow much more than some backyard basil and tomato plants. That’s why we’re overjoyed each year when the local pick-your-own farms open up their fields for us to descend upon—selecting everything from flowers to greens to stone fruit and berries. Though Maryland is flush with pick-your-own establishments, our usual go-to is Larriland Farm. They grow such an amazing variety of edibles, and are easy to get to, and a lovely place to spend a summer’s day.

Sure, it’s still early in the season, which means that not too many of our favorite summer eats are ripe and ready for the picking yet. But on the other hand, the weather right now is so perfect, how can you not spend these weekend days outside? Soon enough it’ll be blistering, and the pool and ocean will call much more strongly than an unshaded berry patch. So get out to Larriland Farm while Mother Nature’s still on your side. This week, they’ve got spinach and some early strawberries—which will only get better throughout the month– and once you put them in a pie/shortcake/smoothie/basically everything.

Larriland Farm is located at 2415 Woodbine Road in Woodbine, MD. For hours, and to find out what’s available for harvest, visit

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