Last Minute Gift Ideas from the Creative Alliance

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Creative Alliance Baltimore Gift Catalog

catch of the day fish (2)Still freaking out about a few people you don’t have gifts for? No time to shop? Sometimes last-minute gifts can have that kind of look about them—you know, they just sort of scream “I picked this up on my layover” or “straight from the travel plaza gift shop.” And sure, if the recipient reads this column (and who doesn’t?) they might be onto you. But all that aside, the folks at the Creative Alliance have such great taste and great programming that even for last-minute gifts, they can be trusted to have fantastic options.

The Creative Alliance’s last-minute gift guide has a variety of ideas that range in price and style. They’ve got everything from gift memberships (starting at $40) to tickets to a Winter Luau Getaway to an event called Tassels and Champagne (yes, please). So many people on our lists say things like, “oh, I don’t need anything,” and “please! No more stuff!” In which case, any one of these gifts makes a perfect choice—even if it is getting in under the wire.

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