Learn to Make Ice Cream at the Patterson Park Library

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Ice cream

catch of the day fish (2)The Enoch Pratt Free Library is inviting you to, “celebrate America’s independence by learning to make homemade ice cream.” While the exact relationship between ice cream and our nation’s founding does elude us, we’re not going to quibble, since that might result in us not getting to learn how to make the stuff or enjoy the fruits of those labors. We’ll just settle for knowing that ice cream was in fact brought here from Europe during colonial days and that founding fathers such as Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were known fans of the stuff; which we suppose you could extrapolate to mean that ice cream basically fueled the American Revolution. In fact, that’s probably a pretty safe assumption to make. Wouldn’t they need a nice cold treat after trudging through battlefields in knee-high boots and wool uniforms? Surely.

We won’t be wearing wool, but we will be first in line for the July 2nd lesson on ice cream making offered that the Patterson Park Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. The lesson is great for kids ages 5-12 and the sweet-toothed adults in their lives. So if you’re already sensing the creeping lack of educational stimulation your child may experience in the summer months, we’re sure you’ll have no problem getting them in on this learning excursion. Get educated on creating one of our founding fathers’ favorite treats, and even check out a book while you’re at it.

The Independence Day ice cream making lesson will take place Wednesday, July 2nd from 2pm-3pm at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Patterson Park Branch (158 N. Linwood Avenue in Baltimore). For more information, visit www.prattlibrary.org

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