Dan Deacon, Thomas Dolby and More in Light City Line-Up

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Organizers of Light City, the illuminated festival scheduled for this spring, have released details, including the event’s concert line-up and notable conference speakers. From March 28 – April 3, Baltimore’s streets will light up with art, music, performances, and an innovation conference.

“Baltimore’s many artists and innovators will be sharing the spotlight with creators and thought leaders from around the country,” said Jamie McDonald, CEO of Generosity Inc. and volunteer chair of the Light City Baltimore Steering Committee. “It’s a chance to shine a light on the amazing people of Baltimore on a national stage.”

Central to the event, will be the 1.5-mile BGE Light Art Walk, with 50 illuminated experiences and art installations, musical performances, street theater and concerts, all free and open to the public. The event will kick off with Light City Lantern Parade coordinated by the Creative Alliance on March 28 at 7 p.m., beginning at the Maryland Science Center and traveling the 1.5-mile BGE Light Art Walk. Each night, from 7 – 11 p.m., Baltimore’s Inner Harbor will come to life with light art installations, interactive activities for the whole family, and concerts and performances. The festival will be open until 12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. The concert headliners include:

Along with the festival, Light City U will be the site of a series of four innovation conference exploring the theme of “powering social change” at Light City Baltimore.

Light City U is a series of seminars focused on four key themes: sustainability, social innovation, creativity, and health. Each of the subject areas will be discussed in a conference setting featuring thought leaders and speakers from Baltimore and across the country. All conferences, except Creative Innovation, will be held at the Columbus Center. Creative Innovation will be held at City Garage, an innovation hub planned for entrepreneurs and startup companies and owned by Sagamore Development — Kevin Plank’s real estate company.

“Baltimore is the perfect location for Light City U, at a time when the entire nation is engaged in a dialogue about social justice and change,” said Brooke Hall, founding partner, Light City Baltimore. “Baltimore has long been a city of innovation, and was even recently acknowledged by Inc. as a hub for tech startups. That recognition is just a starting point.”

Innovators including co-founder of AOL Steve Case, Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad, Alex Laskey, founder of OPower, Design Matters’ Debbie Millman, Wes Moore and Baltimore City Health Department Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen will join leaders across the sustainability, health, creative, and social innovation fields during Light City U.

BGE is the major sponsor of the Sustainability Innovation conference. CEO Calvin G. Butler, Jr. said of the company’s involvement, “energy and sustainability are central to any conversation around the issues facing America — particularly urban areas.  It is important to bring thought leaders together to appropriately position Baltimore as a prominent player in the sustainability conversation. The conference will provide a stage for discussion around energy and sustainability as key factors to create a fair and equitable society.”

Kaiser Permanente is also a sponsor of Light City U, presenting the Health Innovation conference. “Light City as a celebration is going to be brilliant, exciting and so inspirational. This event is a tribute to everything Baltimore is and everything it has the potential to become,” said Karen Blair, Vice President of Public Relations, Communications and Brand, Kaiser Permanente. “At Kaiser Permanente, we know the power of collaboration can light up the future. As the Health Innovation partner for Light City U, we are looking forward to bringing together visionaries and health leaders to spark more creativity and conversation about creating a healthier future.”

For more information on Light City Baltimore, visit www.lightcity.org or call 410-752-8632. Stay connected via Facebook: Light City Baltimore, Twitter: @LightCityBmore andInstagram: LightCityBmore.

Scholarships to Light City U are available for those who should be a part of this conference, but cannot afford a ticket. Applications are open at www.lightcity.org/scholarship.

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