Light Up Lexington

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catch of the day fish (2)We’re firm believers in the old saying, “if it works, do it again.” And we’re really glad that the folks behind Light Up Lexington are followers of that code as well.  November marked the first Light Up Lexington event, and it was such a blast that Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment and Baltimore Public Markets Corp are teaming up yet again to bring it back. And not just once, but quarterly. If you missed the inaugural event, Light Up Lexington is an “after hours” event that celebrates and generates activity at Lexington Market through culinary experimentation, temporary and permanent art installations, dance and music. It’s basically as much fun as you can have at Lexington Market without carte blanche for all-you-can-eat crab cakes.

Light Up Lexington is a free event (food and drinks do cost money, though), and it’s perfect for all ages. Happy Hour starts at 5pm, and food pairings start at 6. Entertainment will be going on all night, with fabulous live music to accompany your local brews, and the fabulous offerings from some of Baltimore’s top chefs. Lexington Market is such a beloved part of Baltimore’s history and personality, that it’s great to have an excuse to head down there for some reveling and nightlife. And we’re glad we’ll now get a chance to do so a few times per year.

Light Up Lexington takes place Wednesday, March 4th from 5pm-9pm at Lexington Market. For more information, visit the event page.

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