Lion Cubs on Display at the Maryland Zoo

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Lions 23 - Cubs 10 (25 wks) Luke, Leia, and Zuri

catch of the day fish (2)The Maryland Zoo is always a great place to bring the family, but more so now than ever. After all, how often does your entire family get to meet an entire animal family? In this case, the animal family in question is a pride of lions. The zoo’s three adorable lion cubs are growing up right before our eyes. In the past couple of months, Luke, Leia and Zuri have become confident enough cats to regularly spend time on exhibit. That means you can catch a glimpse most days of the week as they play, run, and hide (adorably) from the neighboring giraffes (really).

Luke, Leia and Zuri were born a few months ago, but like with any babies, it takes a little while for them to grow up and get comfortable with their surroundings. But now they’re pretty much naturals at the whole local celebrity thing. Conditions permitting, the cub’s scheduled exhibit times are Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday for most of the day, as well as Friday afternoons. The adult lions will be out all day Monday and Thursday, and Friday mornings, too. But as you can see from the photo above, it’s clearly all about the cubs.

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