Liquor License Sought for Pabu and Lamill Replacements

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Pabu at the Four Seasons. Photo via

It’s been four months since we learned that Pabu and Lamill at the Four Seasons Baltimore would be closing, to be replaced by two new eateries from Alex Smith and George Aligeorgas, the partners behind Harbor East’s Ouzo Bay. The Lamill space was originally to be quickly reopened as another coffee shop. Those plans changed, and the two spaces are still in transition. But we do have news on one front: the liquor license.

The Baltimore Business Journal reports that Smith has applied for a liquor license that would cover both spaces and “would also provide for outdoor table service and live entertainment ­— acoustic guitar and piano music.”

The Pabu replacement, Azumi, will serve Japanese cuisine but with a fine-dining angle. The concept that will open in place of Lamill is still up in the air.

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