Live Baltimore’s Incredible New Resource for Families

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Live Baltimore for Families
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Live Baltimore has long been our go-to source for hot tips on city living. They’ve always got the latest scoop on local real estate, the low down on our neighborhoods, and a veritable encyclopedia of incentives and city programs.  We know that, and that’s we we love them. But they wanted to go even further in encouraging all of us to stay right here in the heart of Charm City. Knowing that most people’s priorities shift a bit as they start a family, Live Baltimore has zeroed in on the questions and needs of those bringing up kids (or thinking of doing so) here in the city. And they’ve just launched an unbelievable new section to their website that has more answers than you could possibly even have questions for. It’s called Way to Stay because that’s just what it helps you do: find a way to stay in the city you love and make sure that your kids thrive while you do so.  Whether you’re looking for other families in your neighborhood, alternatives to your local public school, or for a house big enough to grow in, Way to Stay has your number. For example, if you’re a family that’s new to the area, Way to Stay’s Public Zoned Elementary School Map let’s you know which neighborhoods already have strong public schools. Want more info? Check out the Public Zoned Elementary School Profiles of featured, high-performing public schools. They’ll give you everything from relevant statistics to principal biographies. For those looking for alternatives to their neighborhood school, there’s also information on the city’s public charter schools and an easy-to-follow guide to applying– complete with detailed information on the entire application process. There’s even information on local private schools.

Of course, there’s plenty more, too– this is just the tip of the iceberg. At Way to Stay, you’ll find all kinds of resources for families– info on parks, libraries, activity groups, and more. In fact, Way to Stay is so thorough that it’s the only local resource of its kind. Fine with us. We’re just glad it’s here, and it seems like all we need.

To check out all the Live Baltimore’s Way to Stay site has to offer, visit it here.


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