Local Businesswoman Turns Author for Women’s Empowerment

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Laura Black's new book

“I don’t want you to waste another minute of your life focusing on your big butt or other imperfections. Instead, I want you to embrace your vulnerabilities and go on to conquer your dreams.” Sign us up for whatever Kool-Aid that lady is selling. And who exactly is selling it? Baltimorean businesswoman Laura Black. Her new book, BIG BUTTS, FAT THIGHS AND OTHER SECRETS TO SUCCESS: Empowering Women to Be Real in Business and in Life does just what the title indicates. It offers specific steps and strategies for women to practice in order to “refocus their identities, in business, philanthropic initiatives, school and life.” While many books of the self-help order might encourage women to simply fake steely confidence and power through, Black understands the way women are socialized—to underestimate their own strengths and unconsciously defer to others’ opinions and skills. Thus, her approach to empowerment focuses directly on what women perceive as their imperfections or weaknesses, and turns those very things into strengths and even assets. And her approach must work—Black herself is a marvelous example of how self-empowerment and determination can lead to owning a successful business, becoming a well-known motivational speaker, and then, quite literally, writing the book on it.

“BIG BUTTS, FAT THIGHS…” was published this month by Cazco Press. It’s available online and in local bookstores. Visit www.laurablackonline.com for more information on Black’s strategies and upcoming speaking engagements.

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