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catch of the day fish (2)“I must have flowers, always, and always,” said Claude Monet—a man famous for having them, painting them, and filling the world forever after with his soulful representations of them.  Clearly, there are many people who’d echo that sentiment—Monet’s paintings remain some of the most iconic in the world—and the cultivation of flowers has always kept humans hard at work. You may not be able to afford an authentic Monet, and you may not be able to keep gardens like his, but you can still have flowers “always and always” (or at least for a consecutive ten weeks per year) with Local Color’s flower CSA program.

Flowers can brighten a room, a day, or even a week (if you take good care of them). Local Color Flowers has begun a CSA program (that’s Community Supported Agriculture) that promises 10 weeks of fresh, local, and beautifully arranged bouquets from June 5th until mid October. It’s a bit like a flower subscription service—you pay up front, and then are rewarded each week with locally grown and artfully-arranged in-season blooms. Since most flowers sold in the US are actually grown in other countries, Local Color takes particular pride in knowing its farmers and letting you know where the flowers come from as well. We’re digging this idea since it reflects what we love: special folks offering a special service, whose goal is to help make our days seem just a little more, well, special.

For information on how to join Local Color’s flower CSA, visit www.blog.locoflo.com.

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