Local YouTube Docu-Series “Ready” Follows Local Artists as They Follow Their Dream

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Local artist Rich Rocket just uploaded the first episode of his documentary series, “Ready,” which follows five local artists as they work toward achieving their dream. The “cast” includes a poet known as Kay Nellz, a dancer who goes by QueenLin, a singer named Davonne Dneil, and more, all friends of Rocket’s. The artists capture the moments on video themselves and Rocket edits the footage to make each episode.

“I believe that having the cast members capturing moments gives the project a very special sense of authenticity,” writes Rocket in an email.

The objective of the project is to highlight the triumphs and tribulations of locally-based artists. “We hope this project will inspire other artists who feel they have reached their limit or have given up,” Rocket goes on to explain.

Check out the introductory trailer above and see the first episode here.  New episodes will post bi-weekly on YouTube.

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