Locally Made Nail Polish from Chaos & Crocodiles

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Chaos and Crocodiles

catch of the day fish (2)Most of us have played around, experimenting with creating our own cosmetics and bath products. Ever melted beeswax and essential oils together to make lip balm? Or whisked a few egg-whites with sugar and avocado for a face mask? The kitchen is a great place to try your hand at creating your own beauty products, but when it comes to nail polish—that toxic-smelling, enamel-hard stuff that can dissolve Styrofoam, and comes in colors not found in nature— few of us would have the perfect combination of curiosity, determination, and “why not?” required to actually start making the stuff ourselves. Luckily, Baltimore is home to Sarey Booth-Neadles, who did have all these qualities (along with the generosity to share the fruits of her labor.

Last year, Neadles founded Chaos & Crocodiles (good name, right?), her own line of homemade nail polishes. Though they stick and sparkle just like the stuff at the store, Chaos & Crocodiles polishes are not tested on animals, and are free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, and Toluene (that is, the three major toxic chemicals found in commercially-made polishes). As au naturale as they might be, these polishes do not lack for boldness and sparkle. The line is ever-evolving, with new colors (some being limited edition) coming out monthly. Looking for something to show your Halloween spirit? Grab a bottle of Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza (coming soon!!) and get let the month of “boo-tiful” puns begin.

Chaos & Crocodiles polishes can be purchased online at www.chaosandcrocodiles.com

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