Peacock Loose in Baltimore County

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Just a peacock, peacocking.

There used to be two peacocks on Weber’s Cider Mill Farm in Parkville. Now there is only one. “He was in his cage nd he was on the ground and he just flew straight up out of the hole at the top,” Jo-Ann Weber told WJZ. “He’s been on the prowl ever since.”

They’ve been trying to recover the bird ever for three weeks, and so far, they’ve been foiled at every turn. A worker on the farm recalls a near catch: “We got there and we had it cornered. We thought for sure we had him. But darn if these birds don’t just fly right up. Within five feet, he was just gone.”

Steve Weber explained what makes peacocks so difficult to corral. “They’re wily. They can fly straight up into the air,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot about peacocks. They’re not afraid of people, but they wont let you get close.” I can relate!




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