For the Love of Food: Cooking Classes for Kids and Adults

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For the Love of Food

catch of the day fish (2)Foodie-ism is all the rage these days. Everyone is going local for produce, meats and dairy, and getting on board the slow, whole food bandwagon. Everyone seems to be fermenting their own pickles and yogurts and infusing all manner of things with who-knows-whats. But if cooking was never quite your thing, you might feel a little out of the loop. For the Love of Food offers a great way to play catch up—in a fun, educational setting that will leave your future dinner guests giving their compliments to the chef (and the chef, in this scenario, would be you).

For the Love of Food offers a variety of cooking classes and series, many of which are centered around the idea of “how to think like a chef,” which seems to be the first, integral step to turning food into an art form. For the Love of Food offers one-off or multi-night classes for adults, as well as ongoing series and dinners, and a whole host of summer courses for kids. That means that even if you’re still not ready to become to household gourmand, you can at least raise a kid who can roll out pastry dough—and reap the fruits of those labors yourself, we hope.

For the Love of Food offers cooking classes throughout the year, with summer classes for children during the summer. For more information, visit


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