Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s Pole Dancer Nontroversy

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pole dancer

See that woman? No, not that woman or that woman or that woman. Do you see the tiny woman off to the side, in the frilly bikini thing, with her arm around the pole, holding the top hat? She appears to be a pole dancer. So this may technically be a picture of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and a pole dancer.

When I saw the headline “Is That a Pole Dancer? Front-Runner For Md. Governor Caught In Scandalous Photo,” I have to admit, I was expecting something a little more, well, scandalous. Seriously, the so-called stripper (here clothed, however scantily) and Brown could barely be any farther apart and make it into the same pic. Where’s the loosened tie? The nudity? The dollar bills? The tiny mountain of cocaine?

The pic appears to have been taken in Las Vegas in 2013 while Brown and “all the elected officials” of Maryland were in town for the Maryland Party at the International Council of Shopping Centers to lure businesspeople and developers to the state. And of all the pictures taken in Las Vegas this polo-shirted, name-tagged group photo has got to be one of the most tame.

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