Magic and Mind Reading at Johnny’s

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Joe Riggs Magic

catch of the day fish (2)“He blew my mind!” That’s a quote from acclaimed film director Quentin Tarantino about entertainer and mentalist Joe Riggs. For someone like Tarantino (who himself makes a living blowing minds) to offer such an endorsement has to mean something. And if you’ve ever been to see a mentalist (or deductionist or psychological entertainer, as they’re sometimes called) you know how truly astounding it can be. But Joe Riggs is at the top of his game. Raised by psychic readers (how many of us can say that?), Joe quickly saw through their methods and grew into a riveting and intense Mental Specialist. Attendees will be able to interact with Joe one-on-one in a very special appearance Thursday, Sept 4th at Johnny’s Downstairs.

Joe Riggs has been described as, “the very epitome of a real life Sherlock Holmes.” And that’s coming from Mark Gatiss, creator of the BBC’s hit series Sherlock. And he’s now a Baltimore local (he’ll use his powers locally for good, we hope). As a way of introducing himself to his new town, Joe will be performing at Johnny’s, showcasing advanced deductive and inductive reasoning, speed reading people, nonverbal communication, subliminal suggestion, eidetic memory, and an uncanny mastery of human behavior – all of which culminates in a psychological tapestry that many perceive as mind reading. Scary, much? Maybe. But too intriguing to resist? Basically, yeah.

Joe Riggs will be performing at Johnny’s (4800 Roland Avenue in Baltimore) on Thursday, Sept 4 from 5-7PM. The event is free, but space is limited, so RSVPs are a must. To reserve your place call the restaurant at (410) 773-0777 ext. 1 or visit

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