Make Studio’s 4th Anniversary Exhibition

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Make Studio

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore’s art scene just doesn’t stop. And while many cities can boast a thriving creative culture, few can rival the degree to which Baltimore truly supports one of the most diverse community of artists around. Our museums and galleries and art education programs foster and celebrate work that might be more difficult to find (or get shown) in other places with more staid and homogenous ideas about what the “art world” looks like. Make Studio– a nonprofit that provides community-based services for artists with disabilities —is just one of the amazing local organizations making it all happen and keeping local arts inclusive and exciting here in Baltimore. And on February 22nd, they’ll celebrate their 4th anniversary with the opening of ALL FO(U)R ONE & ONE FO(U)R ALL.

Make Studio serves 19 primarily self-taught artists. ALL FO(U)R ONE & ONE FO(U)R ALL commemorates each artist’s point-of-view, and years of hard work and dedication to their craft, by featuring a selection of their recent works. The art on view will range from intricate personal histories to quirky lawn art to festive furniture, all with a focus on media exploration and ambitious undertakings.  The opening celebration (also serving as a fundraiser) takes place at the studio and will include music and refreshments, as well as a raffle and silent auction. But more importantly, you’ll get a window into the creative processes of these artists, and their work– undertaken in a truly unique and textured studio environment.

The ALL FO(U)R ONE & ONE FO(U)R ALL exhibition is on view until March 7. The opening takes place  February 22nd, 2014, 5-8PM at Make Studio at 3500 Parkdale Ave in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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