Man Allegedly Waves Confederate Flag, Assaults Two People in Rosedale

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A man is facing assault charges after his racist rantings allegedly turned into a knife attack in Baltimore County’s Rosedale community on Sunday, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Matthew Pietrowski, an alleged victim of the assault, said that Brian Michael Herold had already been seen walking around his neighborhood in Rosedale waving the Confederate battle flag days before Sunday, when Herold approached him and told him that he would kill people in the neighborhood, “especially” the black residents. According to police, sometime around noon, Herold drew a knife on Pietrowski and threatened his life. An altercation ensued which drew in a third person, who was allegedly cut by the knife.

Herold gave the police a different story. He said he was walking around the neighborhood muttering a racial slur, and was later “jumped” in the middle of an argument with multiple people.

Herold’s father now faces charges of his own after police say he  was looking “into one of the victim’s homes and [driving] down the street pointing at homes of witnesses Monday.”


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