Mandalynn Swimwear Pop-Up Shops

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Swimwear Pop-Up

catch of the day fish (2)Though not technically the beginning of summer, Memorial Day weekend marks the cultural beginning of summer. Swimming is on. We take up gin drinks instead of whiskey. White shoes, white pants. And of course, from here on out, the barbecue is perpetually fired up for the foreseeable future. Summer fun is (almost-kinda) upon us. But if you’ve ever taken last year’s swimsuit out of the closet to discover it just doesn’t have the snap and sheen it once did, you know it’s time to re-up that particular summer time staple. This season, the line that’s all the rage is Mandalynn—with two of our favorite local boutiques featuring pop-up shops for the super fabulous line of swimwear.

The first thing we love about Mandalynn is that these are people who focus exclusively on swimwear. That means they know all of the intricacies and complications that make swimwear a potentially tricky purchase. But the Mandalynn line is so versatile and hip that you kind of can’t go wrong. Featuring one-pieces, bikinis, and of course super-modern hybrid styles, Mandalynn’s line is definitely going to be the hottest thing going at the beach this year. Hunting Ground, in Hampden, is featuring a Mandalynn pop-up shop within their store for the whole month of May (so hurry!) and Brightside Boutique is having a one-day-only Mandalynn event next week, complete with DJs, refreshments, and more.  Either way, both of these boutiques have consistently amazing wares—whether you’re in the market for swimwear or something entirely different.

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