What If Marijuana Was, Like, a Constitutional Right?

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Opening of the State of Maryland legislature Annapolis, Md

The Maryland General Assembly will be hosting what the Baltimore Sun is calling a “marijuana marathon” Tuesday afternoon, but it won’t be like the ones you know.

The GA is considering a slew of pot-related bills. One of them proposes to affirm the right to grow, posses, and use marijuana in Maryland’s constitution.

I consider this particular bill, HB-665, the most authentic piece of marijuana legislation ever. It’s the only one that at first blush sounds like it may have been conceived of under the influence.

The actual text of the bill is rather sober. As are the reasons for it. Del. David Moon, who drafted the bill, told the Baltimore Sun that many of his fellow lawmakers support legalization but fear the political ramifications. Moon’s bill seeks to mitigate that fear by ultimately putting the responsibility on voters, who would decide the issue as a referendum on the November ballot.




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