Marijuana Paraphernalia is No Longer a Crime in Maryland

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Law and Marijuana
In some of the first acts of the 2016 session, the Maryland General Assembly has been overturning Gov. Larry Hogan’s vetoes from the end of the 2015 session. One of them was a bill that decriminalized bongs.

Both the House and Senate overturned the veto of a bill that took away criminal penalties for possession of marijuana paraphernalia. That includes pipes, bongs and rolling papers. Getting caught with such implements will now only bring civil fines. We assume headshops will still only be able to label their wares as “smoking accessories,” but at least it’s less risky.

The veto was mainly backed by Democrats, who hold a majority in both houses. But not all the donkeys were onboard. Del. Anne Kaiser, D-Montgomery, said the veto was like allowing blue crabs, but banning Old Bay, according to the AP.

The bill also takes criminal penalties away from smoking weed in a public place.

Hogan vetoed the bill last year because he had concerns about toking and driving. The governor argued that police “would be left with no authority to make a traffic stop if they see someone smoking marijuana while driving.”



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  1. @Millicent, it’s not ok — it’s still a fineable offense.

    Glad to see the legislature correcting this oversight. Shame Gov. Hogan didn’t have the tenacity to do it himself.

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