Marine Filmmaker Bob Talbot at the National Aquarium for Earth Day

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Earth Day lecture

catch of the day fish (2)For a while, there was the saying, “let’s make it Earth Day everyday.” And fair enough. Why shouldn’t we celebrate and remember how amazing and beautiful our planet is all year long. After all, we live on and rely on it every single day, right? Well, the Earth Day lecture at the National Aquarium will really make you wish it was Earth Day everyday, since they’re bringing in renowned marine filmmaker and photographer Bob Talbot. Talbot is not just an artist, he’s also an environmentalist, and will be speaking about the relationship between his art and his activism.

Talbot’s Earth Day lecture will be “The Power of Film: Inspiring Action for Monterey Bay.” Talbot uses the power of film to advocate for National Marine Sanctuaries and to tell a story of change and recovery in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. We here in Maryland know a few things about conservation and clean up of fragile bay habitats ourselves, but rarely does someone do such an artful job of laying it all out. In Talbot’s remarkable career, he has combined his unique visual style and storytelling ability with state-of-the-art entertainment technologies to create intimate ocean experiences on film. Visitors to the Aquarium can enjoy Talbot’s work at the entrance to the Blue Wonders wing on the video wall, and may attend the lecture for free, though a donation is suggested to help fund ocean conservation efforts.

Bob Talbot’s Earth Day lecture will be held Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at the National Aquarium (501 E. Pratt St.) The reception starts at 6:30pm, and the lecture begins at 7pm. For more information, visit

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