Maryland and Japan are Really Friends Now

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Larry Hogan and his wife, Yumi, aboard the maglev train in Japan.

Maryland and Japan bonded over bullet trains, but it takes a document to seal the relationship.

Last year, the Asian nation welcomed Gov. Larry Hogan for a trip where he rode a Maglev train just like the one that officials want to build in the U.S.

This week, Hogan made the relationship official with a “memorandum of cooperation.” It opens the way for the state and country to collaborate on life sciences, investment, academics. Japanses firms are also involved in the liquefied natural gas project at Dominion’s Cove Point.

On the maglev project, Japan also threw in some money. The country is laying down another $2 million for a feasibility study of the high-speed train. Experts say the train could make the Washington-Baltimore trip in 15 minutes.

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