Maryland Looks Like Real Life “House of Cards”, Says Business Insider, Fox and More

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Frank Underwood would be proud.
Frank Underwood would be proud.

Last week’s decision by Maryland Del. Bill Frick to introduce legislation that would allow the state to take the “House of Cards” production company’s property under eminent domain if it leaves the state has received national press for its shameless audacity, seemingly lifted from the book of master manipulator Frank Underwood himself. Frick has admitted that his tactic was inspired by Underwood’s behavior on the show and that his only objective is to keep “House of Cards” in Maryland — at a minimal cost to taxpayers.

Frick made his move after an executive of the production company sent a letter to Gov. O’Malley threatening to leave the state if the show was not given more tax credits. Read below to see how Frick’s moves are being reported in the national press.

From Business Insider – Maryland Delegate Pulls a Frank Underwood Move

The battle between the production company behind the Netflix original series “House of Cards” and the state of Maryland finally came to a head last week, when Maryland’s House of Delegates pulled a move that would make Frank Underwood proud. Read more

From Foxnews – Maryland Pulls an Underwood

In a classic case of life imitating art, Maryland lawmakers made a cutthroat move against the “House of Cards” production team — threatening to seize their property through eminent domain if they stop filming in the state. Read more

From KPCC 89.3 – A House of Cards Tax Credit Battle Worthy of Frank Underwood

A battle over tax credits for film and TV production in Maryland has turned so nasty that it sounds like a plot twist out of the popular Netflix series “House of Cards.” Read more

What do you think?  Did Del. Frick go too far?  Did the production company?

Susan Dunn

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