Maryland No Longer No. 1 in Education

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“Greetings from the No. 3 state for education behind Massachusetts and New Jersey”

If Gov. Martin O’Malley had to give his 2012 Democratic National Convention all over again, he could still open with “Greetings from Maryland, home to the No. 1 public schools in America for four years in a row!” In fact, he could add a year. When you think about it, it’s pretty cleverly worded. Even after Education Week changed their ranking criteria and dropped Maryland to the No. 3 slot, it’s still a true statement.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Education Week removed three categories having to do with policy and put greater weight on the practical realities of school financing, academic achievement, and a native resident’s “chance of success.” That was enough for Massachusetts and New Jersey to pull ahead of Maryland.

Even though this development suggests that perhaps we have always been secretly third in education (!), O’Malley’s not sweating it. He told the Sun that “excited to see Maryland once again ranked as a top state in the nation for education.” Yeah right. Excited to be behind Chris Christie’s New Jersey?!


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