Maryland Officials Willing to Spend $200M to Bring FBI to the State

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If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on, it’s doing whatever it takes to bring the FBI to Prince George’s County once it leaves its current headquarters in Washington, D.C., and feels the almost inescapable pull of Virginia.Well, Democrat and Republican politicians can agree. Internet commenters appear to be united in their cynicism and disdain for the effort, which so far has the cash-strapped state agreeing to something like $200 million in road improvements to allay the FBI’s transportation concerns.

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is the newest member of Team Maryland, a group of state officials that has been trying to bring the FBI, with its 11,000 jobs, to the state for almost four years now, the Washington Post reports. “We are fully committed to the FBI coming to Maryland,” Hogan said at a news conference.

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