Litter collects along the roadside of the Baltimore Beltway under an overpass near Towson. Screenshot via Google Maps.

The state is stepping up its effort to remove litter from Maryland’s roads and maintain roadside areas under a newly launched program.

Operation Clean Sweep Maryland will increase litter pickup and mowing efforts by 30%, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration announced.  

The agency anticipates that because of this year’s mild winter, more roadside mowing will be needed this year. The agency says litter along roadways can contribute to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.

The program will initially focus on the areas around Baltimore and Washington.

“We can’t allow litter to destroy the beauty of our communities and threaten our safety and the environment. We need the help of everyone to tackle this problem, and our state highway crews are prepared to lead the way,” said Acting Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul J. Wiedefeld.  

Each year, the state says it collects about 5,300 truckloads of trash from Maryland at a cost of more than $7 million.

While increasing funding for litter removal, state officials urged the public to help to keep the roads clean as well.

“We’re increasing our efforts, but we need the public’s help as well. We ask that everyone put trash where it belongs: in a trash can,” said State Highway Administrator Tim Smith. 

The program will allow for the hiring of additional employees and the purchase of more mowing equipment.

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  1. I live on Falls Rd–yes, right next to Jones falls–which has water that runs through the city from Roland Falls down to the harbor..we see endless garbage left along the road, on Falls, CLipper Mill and other places where it goes right INTO THE WATER…but NEVER SEE ANY CLEANUP—this area also gets discharge from the vinegar factory upstream–and will ultimately KILL all the fish, beautiful birds along the water….

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