Maryland Waterways Contain Lots of Fecal Matter, Report Finds

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streamMaryland rivers and streams have excess levels of excrement, a new report finds.

While you were swimming, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation spent the summer testing 40 streams and rivers around the state this summer. They found high levels of bacteria connected to fecal matter in the majority of the tests that were conducted. The pollution is caused from human and animal waste that leaks from septic systems, the report states.

According to the report, Baltimore city’s levels in Herring Run, Stony Run and Gwynns Falls were all high, which is probably expected given the city’s many sewage issues and strange sightings. But the Foundation wanted to make the point that it’s a problem in the rest of the area, too. Even some places that you might be swimming are included.

After a storm on August 2, White Marsh Run measured bacteria 400 times what is considered safe. At a swimming hole in Patapsco Valley, the levels were 304 times above safety.

While conducting tests, CBF notes people were swimming at the latter site, which is on the Cascade Trail.

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