Md. Candidate Donates $1M Dino Fossil to Creation Museum

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Creation Museum
A dinosaur in the Garden of Eden. Photo by Matt Stopera, via BuzzFeed.

Anne Arundel County Council candidate Michael Peroutka just donated an allosaurus skeleton to Kentucky’s unfortunately hilarious Creation Museum, a dinosaur attraction that endorses a Young Earth creationist explanation for the existence of the extinct reptiles.

The skeleton was unearthed in 2002 by a students on an anti-evolution excavation in Colorado. Peroutka swooped in and bought the fossil, lest it should “fall into the hands of those who would display it in the context of ‘millions of years,'” and brought it t the Creation Museum, where visitors learn that dinosaurs were created on day six of creation (the day after birds), fit easily onto Noah’s Ark, and “died out, probably in very recent times.”

Speaking of which, on his tax forms Peroutka estimated Ebenezer the Allosaurus’s value at $200,000, but it was later appraised for $1 million. Of course, Peroutka believes the thing is only like 4,300 years old. How valuable could it be, right?

Besides keeping dinosaur skeletons away from people who might actually use them to learn something, Peroutka’s pastimes include supporting the neo-Confederate cause, and fighting “homo-sodomite unmarriage.”


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