Md. Ebola Scare Blows Over, Vaccine Testing Underway

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Ebola scare

Marylanders got exposed to a brief Ebola scare yesterday when a patient showed up at Holy Cross-Germantown Hospital with aches and a fever and mentioned recent travel in Africa. (Reports haven’t specified a region.) The patient was ruled out for the disease, but according to a hospital spokeswoman, “basically somebody jumped the gun.” Soon area residents were tweeting about a possible Ebola patient in Maryland and freaking out.

While there is — as far as we know — no Maryland Ebola patient, we will be playing a role in the response to the virus. Human testing of an Ebola vaccine began yesterday at a Maryland lab. The vaccine has been tested on primates. According to WJZ, the vaccine has been shown “both to prevent infection when given before exposure and to increase survival chances when given quickly after exposure.”

We’ll have to wait until December for the results.


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