New Look, New Location, Same Tasteful Menswear for Gentlemen at Samuel Parker in Cross Keys

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Samuel Parker has long been our gold standard for a local men’s haberdashery. Named for owner Ken Himmelstein’s own grandfather, the shop caters to gentlemen of refined and classic tastes. And while some women may lament that that can seem to be a dying breed, the success of Samuel Parker and Himmelstein’s vision seems to indicate otherwise.
In fact, the shop is so popular that Himmelstein has actually moved locations, opening up in the Village of Cross Keys (as though you needed another reason to visit one of our favorite shopping oases). The new and expanded Samuel Parker opened its doors Thursday, Sept 4, complete with all the incredible menswear the shop is known for, plus new offerings that take the shop well beyond just fashion, embracing all things that make for a man of complete style.

To the discerning eye, it’s clear that everything at Samuel Parker is much more than simply stylish. Every item is made with the highest quality material available, and tailored to fit perfectly and last for the long haul. After all, a true gentleman knows that one pair of well-sewn, quality shoes far out-values a lesser pair that, while perhaps less expensive, will fall apart and come unglued (and fall out of fashion) in a matter of months. Himmelstein is the perfect figure to curate such a collection, and the shop reflects his tastes, his interests, and all that he’s learned from his years in the business.
As an expansion on the old location’s offerings, the new shop features a greatly expanded footwear department, a selection of gentlemen’s books on style, cars, Hollywood icons, periodicals (including The Rake and Man Of The World), a home furnishings department, and some of Himmelstein’s favorite chocolates from Debauve & Gallais Paris (we’re going to assume that’s a little something for the ladies). There will also be even more (including exclusive items) from lines like Breuer, Turnbull & Asser, Drakes, Nigel Knox, Macintosh and Crittenden. That means a whole lot of new, but with all of the traditional quality and value that Samuel Parker is known for. We’re so glad that some things never change.
The new Samuel Parker is open for business at 86 Village Square in the Village of Cross Keys. For more information, visit

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