MICA Presents Solidarity 2: Home is Not a Commodity

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Edo's Home- Sodere Park Ethiopia by Dominic T. Moulden

catch of the day fish (2)Few things are more central to being human than the concept of home. For as long as there have been people, we’ve been finding, making, building homes wherever we find ourselves. Homes look and feel different around the world, but they’re always a place of nurturing, growth and comfort. They’re where we find ourselves and spend time with the loved ones we value. And yet, so many of these places that bring us an internal sense of stability are precarious. It’s this concern that’s at the center of Solidarity 2: Home is Not a Commodity, the new photographic exhibit opening at MICA on February 6th.

Community organizer and photographer, Dominic T. Moulden’s show provides a worldwide look (South Africa, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.) at the idea of home and the universal human right to accessible housing.  It asks questions such as, What is home?  Who owns the land?  and Who decides who can have a home? And beyond simply exhibiting Moulden’s own exquisite photographs, the show will also feature photography by local youth leadership group members of the Baltimore United Viewfinders.  There will also be an open mic and a workshop presented in February in conjunction with the exhibit. This show is a true example of how art can help us engage with important questions– and even provide some paths toward answering them.

Solidarity 2: Home is Not a Commodity opens at MICA on February 6th. For more information on the exhibition or related events, visit www.mica.edu.

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