MICA’s Spring Calendar of Art Exhbitions

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MICA Spring

catch of the day fish (2)So technically, spring is right around the corner, but most of us are still on the “I’ll believe it when I see it” train. This means we’re still filling up our calendars with nice indoor activities that go well with the quiet and stillness of winter. We’ve been taking in art shows galore all winter, and are so excited to keep it up this month and next with MICA’s fabulous media offerings featuring some tributes to Baltimore’s own artistic history. Highlights of the spring schedule include a never-before-seen exhibition of personal objects, artifacts and artworks by Johnny Eck (one of Baltimore’s most famous citizens) and Picture Windows, an exhibition of Baltimore’s famous painted window screens that remains open through March 16th.

MICA’s media offerings aren’t limited to strictly visual exhibitions, however. Psychopompe, is an interpretation of the complex mythology of Frankenstein’s monster as a story of metamorphoses through film and performance by French sculptor and filmmaker Camille Henrot. There will also be the Week of Fashion, featuring MICA students’ revolutionary, wearable creations  and Little Shop of Horrors (you know, the musical with the man-eating plant), featuring MICA singers performing the acclaimed score and student-artists’ innovative designs. MICA’s galleries are always free to visit and are open to the public. So if you need something to look at besides the relentless blanket of snow, they might be just what the doctor ordered.

For more information about hours, exhibition openings, and location of all spring MICA media offerings, visit www.mica.edu.

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