Michael Phelps’ Comeback Story Makes the Cover of Sports Illustrated

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via Sports Illustrated
via Sports Illustrated

Michael Phelps is back on the cover of Sports Illustrated. This time, a beard covers his neck instead of gold medals, as the magazine’s Tim Layden digs into the swimming legend’s arrest on DUI charges, and journey back to the Olympics.

One of the most telling passages comes where Layden provides the reaction of those closest to him upon hearing the news of Phelps’ 2014 arrest in the Fort McHenry Tunnel following hours at the Horseshoe Casino.

“Honestly, I thought, the way he was going, he was going to kill himself,” Phelps’ coach Bob Bowman says. The piece then recounts Phelps’ journey through rehab and court that followed the arrest. Ray Lewis provided some tough talk.

At its heart, the piece is a comeback story, positioning Phelps for another swim at the Olympics next summer in Rio. Interestingly, that comeback starts after his record-breaking eight gold medal turn in Beijing rather than London.

Training partner Chase Kalisz: “Sometimes you would see the passion, sometimes not. Now you see that guy every day.”

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